Whether you are looking for pain relief or to improve your health (or a combination of both), exercise should be part of the solution. The exercise strategy offered at LIC Chiropractic is I-BANDFit.

I-BANDFit is a method of exercise created by Dr. Angelo Ippolito. It is a combination of two workouts performed with a resistance training band called an ‘I-BAND.’ One workout, I-BANDFit Strong, is designed to build muscle mass. It is performed at high intensity and a slow pace. The second workout, I-BANDFit Motion, is designed to move the joints and improve lymphatic circulation. It is performed at low intensity and a fast pace. Both workouts are based on a precise sequence of 17 moves which recruit all the major muscles of the upper body, lower body and core.

The goal of exercise should always be health first. Here at LIC Chiropractic, with I-BANDFit we have achieved that for our patients. The new, lean muscle mass from I-BANDFit Strong will improve blood sugar regulation, strengthen bones, optimize metabolism and improve the immune system. I-BANDFit Motion improves joint range-of-motion and helps the detoxification capacity of the body.